Exterior painting

Outdoor painting services have high importance. Applying a clean coat of paint has a major impact on outside of your home. No matter what type of outdoor material we work with, our experts have years of experience in applying all kinds. Materials include stucco, brick, wood siding, vinyl, cedar shingles, wood trim and so on. Whenever you book your painting job, we’ll call you to confirm paint color and other details. The first preparation task step before starting the job is covering plants, trees, and decks, filling cracks in walls, removing mildew and mold.
Choosing the right color for your home is one of the most important parts, but don’t worry. You’re not alone in doing this hard task. Our experts at City Paint Services will recommend you the best color.

The total cost of your job
At City Paint services, you’ll have a written proposal which contains services and the total cost. Everything is clear from the beginning. So no need to worry about the accurate price and duties.
Our goal is your pleasure. We try to do the job right. When the paint is drying, we walk through the house with you to check no touch- ups are needed and everything is okay.
How much do you need to pay for an exterior painting?
It totally depends on the size and the material. If you think it’s time to paint the outside of your house, City Paint Service is ready to help you. We’ll do the task in no time and with the best quality.
The difference between interior and exterior painting
They have different formula as they are prepared for different purposes. Interior paint should resist staining and scrubbing while exterior one needs to resist mildew and fading. Using interior paint on outdoor surfaces isn’t recommended. Maybe you think they both look the same but exterior paint has properties to resist weather conditions.
The best time for outdoor painting
Fall and summer are the best options. There’s less rain and variation in temperatures during these seasons and that’s why paint will cure and dry in a steady way.
Painting outdoor in cold weather isn’t a good option as the cold surface causes staining and mildew problems. You can use most paints in temperatures of 50 farenheit or warmer. Our professional crew at City Paint Service will do the job properly without any concern.